Monday, October 12, 2009

Dark and Gloomy

So the weather here in Houston has been pretty dark and gloomy lately. I guess the time change next month also plays a role in the darkness. Anyway, I'm normally a light pink nail polish wearing girl, but lately I've been wearing dark colors again. I was looking through my Ulta advertisement that came in the mail and LOVED the three new colors that they came out with for the fall.

To my disappointment, I went to 2 different Ulta locations last week to no avail. How can you advertise something new and not have it at 2 of your locations? There are only a hand full of location in Houston. So Ulta please hurry up and send all the locations your new Ulta Professional line fall colors because I want to buy all three. Its hard to see the colors online, but here is one that I plan to buy whenever I can get my hands on it. Twilight:

My nails will start chipping probably 2 days after I get them done, so I stopped getting them done at a salon and just do it at home. But lately I have noticed that they don't start to chip as early. I wonder if its because some of the colors at the nail shop look like they have been watered down or they are just old colors. Anyone has have that problem?

What colors are you looking forward to for the fall this year? Obviously I have the dark gray above and a dark green and purple, both jewel tones.


FJ said...

Do dark colors leave a stain on your nails? I've never painted my nails dark and I'd like to try it sometime.

Mrs. Lovers Knot said...

@FJ - It doesn't stain my nails. The dark colors I normally wear are navy or black (so pretty dark). I always use a generous layer of base coat first so that might be way. And when I remove it I use Acetone remover.

Dustjacket Attic said...

I have my nails done french polish all the time, think I may be boring. But I do my toenails in different colours.

Kristin said...

Jade is intriguing me as of late!

~*Tara*~ said...

I bought the Ulta Professional Fashionista yesterday and I love love love it. It's a dark plum/berry color. I hardly ever paint my fingernails, but my toes are always done. I did my fingers this morning and already have scuffs. ::sigh:: The color is delish though and they were on sale for $4.99. Score!