Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chopitty Chop

I always do this. I let my hair grow and grow, each time longer than before. Then one day I decide I want to chop it all off. I grew my hair out for my wedding (that was in February) and decided that it was too long for my fine hair. I don't know if its fine hair in general, or just mine, but the long hair would just sit flat on my head even if I put mousse in and blew dry my hair.

So one day I decided, enough, I wanted volume! I went in and chopped off a good 8 inches of hair, which eventually made its way to a good cause. I'm loving how much more volume my hair gets (and sometimes it can be a little too much haha). But then there are days like today when I am just not "feeling" it. I am contemplating on going to get a slightly different cut to take out some of the layers.

Please excuse the low quality iPhone picture.

One thing I don't like about getting my hair cut is the way they style it afterwards. They always want to flat iron my hair. I always have to ask them to just blow dry because my hair is already fine and straight, I don't need an iron to do it for me. Anyone else not like the way people style your hair after getting it cut?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How's married life?

I think its kind of funny that I am still getting this question asked every other week. Our 6 month wedding anniversary just passed and we celebrated by having a nice steak dinner. Yes, both of us LOVE steak. Anyway, its not that we have been married for 6 months, its that we have been together for almost 7 years and living together for about 4 of those years. So really it felt like we were married even before we had the wedding.

Some of our friends always tell us how they think we are so great together and that our relationship is something that they hope to find in their future. I always tell them that we do have a good relationship, but it is not perfect and there are plenty things we have to work on. Our personalities are pretty different and it takes some effort to understand how one of us may be feeling. For example, growing up my family was very affectionate and in my teen years I became a hopeless romantic. Hubs grew up an only child with his father working most of the day and didn't get the same affection I did. He had to learn to show his affection towards me and I had to understand that affection isn't something he is used to.

But I must admit after the wedding I think Hubs has been trying even more. I am loving the suprise lunch dates, back rubs without asking, and encouraging me to do what I love. So now I am stuck trying to think of a nice suprise for Hubs to show him appreciation for all that he has done.

Anyone have any good suggestions related to golf? He already plays golf fairly often so I don't want to suprise him with a round of golf, maybe some golf accessories?