Monday, March 30, 2009

Running in Heels

Does anyone else watch this show or am I the only one?

I normally don't watch reality shows, but nothing was on this particular day and there was a rerun of Running in Heels. So what the heck might as well watch. If you haven't seen a commerical for it, its on the the Style Network, and it follows 3 young ladies interning for Marie Claire. I don't watch it for the drama so much, its the fashion and the work that I am interested in.

When I was in college I interviewed for a fashion buyer intership with Foley's (at that time). I was on my third interview when I either did not impress them or asked them the wrong question. I think it was the latter. At the time of my interview there were talks of Federated buying out May Department stores and I had to ask, what would happen after the buyout? Well I didn't get a real answer or a call back after the interview.

With my heart broken, I decided to look for another fashion related internship and ended up getting one with Tommy Hilfiger. Although the intership wasn't glamourous, I had fun. I mainly did merchandising and a little bit a financial work behind the scenes. I liked it and its what I wanted to do. The end of the semester came, and it was time for the internship to end. I looked and looked for a job in the fashion world, but came up empty handed.

I hope that one day I am able to fulfill this dream of mine. Whether its to open up my own boutique later in life or work for a designer, I want the opportunity. Right now I need my good paying job, if my husband's business start booming like no other, he will let me persue my dreams, but for now I'll just continue working my 8-5.

Are you working at your dream job?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

A little edge.

I work for a hospital where the dress is business casual. So I have to be careful about what I wear to work. Most days I just slip on some slacks and a shirt, not much thought. I seem to only really put some thought into my outfit on days that I have meetings, or days I have a little extra time getting ready. Looking at other bloggers, I am jealous that they can wear almost anything you want! This is my menswear look for work, with a little edge from my layered chain necklace and nameplate necklace.

Trench: Ny&Co
Both shirts: Forever 21
Slacks: BCBG
Necklaces: Forever 21 & Ebay

Sorry for the weird image sizes.

I am ashamed to admit it but I love looking at celebrity gossip pages. Not only for what is going on in their Hollywood lives, but also for their clothes. Not that I could afford it, but I like to see the styles. I just spotted these shoes that Jordana Brewster wore to a premiere. I am loving these shoes! Off to find out the designer. I am pretty sure my feet would hate me the next morning though.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Just add tequila

My husband and I are planning on attending a friend's wedding in Playa de Carmen the beginning of June. What better excuse could I have to do a little bit of shopping? We will be there 4 days for sure, but are also thinking about extending our stay by a few days for our little "mini moon". Since it is difficult for him to take off a long period of time, we decided to just do a bunch of mini trips.

What I am currently looking for is a new bikini. I already have my basic black and white bikins and a black one piece that have been very good to me the past couple of years. I am looking for something a little more colorful and fun this year. I normally just go to Target looking for bikinis but haven't been impressed with their selection thus far. I normally don't spend over $30 for my bathing suits, but since we are going out of town I can justify spending up to $100. Here are a few I spotted that are the style I am looking for.

Where do you get your bathing suits from and how much do you normally spend?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Beautify Me.

I am no makeup expert, but I do like trying out new makeup products, what girl doesn't? I have always had a difficult time finding what works with my features and skin type (read I've spent alot of money on junk that doesn't work for me).

Well if you are like me with asian eyes that don't have those deep eyes with nice creases, your eyeshadows probably crease all the time. Sometimes my eyeliner will do the same thing. Last year I tried Urban Decay's Eyeshadow Potion. It worked but the bottle is really weird shaped and you didn't get much bang for your buck. I just got in my new eyeshadow primer by Too Faced called Shadow Insurance. I used this on Sunday and it last all day. Held my shadow and liner in place from about 9am-10pm. Love it! Its in an easy squeezable tube so you get a big bang for your buck.

This order I focused on my eyes so I bought a new mascara since I was running out of my drugstore brand. I love find new mascaras that work great and are inexpensive. Everyone knows that Diorshow works wonders, but at $25 a tube it can get kind pricey. I ordered Buxom Lash by Bare Escentuals. I love the brush it comes with! The brush is very important to me in any mascara because that is what makes it clumpy or not. This brush has tons of little bristles and is shaped in an hourglass figure which I think helps it grab the little lashes on the inside. It volumized and lengthen my lashes all day without getting flaky or smudging.

Both images from

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Toughen It Up

I wanted to post this for FJ because she recently bought a very simlar dress. I bought mine a little over a year ago at H&M when I was in NYC. The dress actually came with a belt that is made from the same material, but I don't care for it too much.

I was going to meet a friend after work for some martinis, so I decided to toughen it up a bit.

Dress: H&M; Cardigan: Express; Belt: Forever 21; Bracelets: Forever 21; Shoes: Vintage

Just spotted, if only I were daring enough.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Casually Tickled

I love ruffles, but I think you have to be careful with them because they can be overdone (just like anything else, moderation is key). Ruffles add a little "oomph" and girliness to any outfit. This is something I wore to work on a casual friday. After looking at this picture, I can tell my jeans are a little too loose on me (and this picture is taken at a horrible angle and I look like I have the shortest legs). The only bad thing about loosing weight is that your clothes don't fit properly anymore.

Top: BCBG; Jeans: Citizens of Humanity, Shoes; BP from Nordstrom; Watch: Cartier
I love the leopard pony hair shoes I am wearing here. They are pretty comfortable and I can wear them shopping if I wanted to. I've had them for about 3 years now?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Crazy Love.

I am feeling a little lovey dovey today. With that said, here was the song we used for our first dance. It is a remake, but I really love this version. Thea Gilmore - Crazy Love.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I scratched my itch.

I think I mentioned on here that I have been itching to shop. If the hubz noticed that I haven't gone shopping in awhile, its a big thing. So yesterday I didn't have to work late so I made a pit stop at the mall. Since I live in the woods, the mall by me does not have much, but I do what I can with it.

I bought mainly work close because I have lost quite a bit of weight due to wedding stress and none of my pants fit me. However, I did find a super cute blazer at Dillard's. The sales lady told me that they sold alot of their stuff over the weekend since there was an additional 40% off. I told her I knew about it but couldn't come because of my wedding. Damn wedding gets in the way of everything! hahaha I kid. I'll take a pic of it when I get the oppotunity to wear it.

I picked up this shoes from Bakers as well. I saw them awhile back, but didn't think they were worth the orginal price of $80. I got them on sale for $40. They have a platform in it so it doesn't put all that pressure on your ankles. Just waiting for the time I get to wear them out!

The ones I got are actually ivory on black instead of black suede on black. I think these would look super cute with a tuxedo look or a short skirt.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I iz married.