Friday, June 26, 2009

The Short of it

These past few days have been extremely hot in the Texas heat with "feel like" temperatures of 100+. I normally take the bus to work and waiting for it in this heat is horrible. Not to mention I am normally in black slacks and a blouse. Currently at my stop there is no cover, but it does have a little bit of shade, which gets taken up by the older people who get out there early.
This heat is making my hair hideous. I have to admit, I am a sweat-er. I don't sweat profusely, but it is enough to make my bangs look hideous. I actually really like my bangs, but its not cutting it in this heat. So, I've been thinking about chopping my hair off. Rewind the clock to a December 2007, I had short hair.

I started growing my hair out not too long after this picture was taken because we got engaged and I wanted long hair for the wedding. Here are a few styles that I have been looking at, but some of them have bangs which is part of my problem now :(

Agness Deyn

Katie Holmes
Charlize Theron
Do you think I should go ahead and chop it off? Which of these do you think would work for me? Or, is there any other cute you have seen? Or should I just keep my long hair?


Ayse said...

i find you so sweeeet <3

Eboix said...

I need to chop my hair too....

FJ said...

I love the Katie Holmes hairstyle. If I ever cut my hair short, I'd do it that way. Short hair looks good on you.

Anonymous said...

i like the Charlize (sp?) cut the best.

Kristin said...

I LOVE Katie's look. Wish she'd go back to that. Unfortunately my hair is too frizzzzz prone to rock that.