Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just a Girl

One of my favorite magazines to read is Instyle. I was looking through the December issue and it featured so many goodies, great new pieces and some great ideas for party hair. What really caught my attention was the Beauty Talk with Gwen Stefani.

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When I think of Gwen, two things come to mind: platinum blonde hair and bright red lips. While I will never try to duplicate Gwen's hair color, I have tried to get those famous red lips. I was glad to see that she shared some of her favorite beauty must haves, including her red lipstick.

Russian Red from MAC. Image from

Gwen also uses MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation. I used to use this in college but then felt that it was making my skin oily. Well now that I realized that I was putting way to much on my skin (as far as cleansers and toner), I think I am going to try Studio Fix again soon. Gwen thinks that it still gives her a natural look.

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So there are lots of ladies who are still on the search for a great mascara. What works for one girl might not work for another, but I am so glad I found this mascara a few months ago. It really adds volume to my lashes and its inexpensive. Gwen said her sister-in-law introduced her to this and it makes her lashes really thick and full.

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I am sure that Gwen's hair needs some serious deep conditioning because she dyes it so much. But I was really surprised when she said that she uses Pantene Restoratives Time Renewal Shampoo and Conditioner, apparently her hairdresser gave it to her. Lots of people don't like to use drugstore shampoo brands because they feel that it doesn't do anything for your hair. I wonder if this particular shampoo and conditioner is an exception.

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Are you surprised that Gwen's must have products are items everyday people use? Are any of her favorites your favorites or products you despise?


Anonymous said...

I saw this too and was so surprised that she used Pantene!! Drugstore shampoo is so drying and damaging to my hair, I can't imagine why she would choose to use it. But it just proves every person is different and products work differently on everyone!
Great post!

Veronika said...

I also use MAC studio fix and have been for more than 9 years now! It is my HG for sure!

I love l'oreal voluminous's a good alternative when i'm running low on diorshow

Nina (Femme Rationale) said...

i love mac's russian red - my go to red lipstick. but i can't use studio fix cuz it wreaks havoc on my skin.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I can't believe she uses Pantene on her bleached hair, either!

I like that Voluminous mascara she mentioned, though sometimes it's a bit flakey. I've moved on to others but it used to be a top choice of mine.

Eboix said...

Really surprised she uses Pantene! I still love my BAD gal mascara but might have to try this one...

Deconstruction said...

I love that she uses products that "everyday people" use too. I cannot stand when I read an interview with a celeb in a magazine and they only refer to beauty products that cost a fortune, and that the average reader will probably never buy.

Kristin said...

Nobody does the red pout quite like Gwen!

April said...

this reminds me I need to go back to Voluminous when my stach runs out. I like to go back to my good ol friend every once in a while.

I love InStyle as well. They have good beauty tips.

Teresa said...

I am a total drugstore girl. I rarely ever use non-drugstore haircare or cosmetics because I never notice that much difference when I try a more expensive brand. My go-to makeup brand is Almay. They tend to be better for sensitive skin and they make the longest lasting liquid eyeliner!