Monday, March 30, 2009

Running in Heels

Does anyone else watch this show or am I the only one?

I normally don't watch reality shows, but nothing was on this particular day and there was a rerun of Running in Heels. So what the heck might as well watch. If you haven't seen a commerical for it, its on the the Style Network, and it follows 3 young ladies interning for Marie Claire. I don't watch it for the drama so much, its the fashion and the work that I am interested in.

When I was in college I interviewed for a fashion buyer intership with Foley's (at that time). I was on my third interview when I either did not impress them or asked them the wrong question. I think it was the latter. At the time of my interview there were talks of Federated buying out May Department stores and I had to ask, what would happen after the buyout? Well I didn't get a real answer or a call back after the interview.

With my heart broken, I decided to look for another fashion related internship and ended up getting one with Tommy Hilfiger. Although the intership wasn't glamourous, I had fun. I mainly did merchandising and a little bit a financial work behind the scenes. I liked it and its what I wanted to do. The end of the semester came, and it was time for the internship to end. I looked and looked for a job in the fashion world, but came up empty handed.

I hope that one day I am able to fulfill this dream of mine. Whether its to open up my own boutique later in life or work for a designer, I want the opportunity. Right now I need my good paying job, if my husband's business start booming like no other, he will let me persue my dreams, but for now I'll just continue working my 8-5.

Are you working at your dream job?


Anonymous said...

i saw a commercial for the show a while back but totally forgot about it.

Donna owned a clothing store, you should talk to her about the experience if you havent already.

Im on my way to my dream job, working for a big magazine would be great doing layout.. for now i'm good with a small magazine

modern antoinette said...

I totally forgot that it was starting...I'm a little late.

I think i'm gonna go watch it

Thanks for your sweet comment.

Delmy said...

Heard of the shoe..But I don't even know when it aired. I wanna see it!

Nina (femme rationale) said...

hi! here's the info you requested about may hair. ;)

♥ Marta ♥ said...

Never heard of it... but as for the job, I'm a student but work for many with .on things that I really. My ideal job is to be an art gallery director.