Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Victoria's Secret Semi Annual Sale

Its that time again for us ladies to stock up on any undergarments we need. I hate fighting the madness that is always in the store and I can't ever find anything decent in my size. I much rather shop the sale online. I haven't ever ordered any clothes from there, but these dresses look really cute and the price is even better.

Italian Merino Wool Sweater Dress. Found here for $79.

Strapless lace dress for $59.99.

Silk bandage sweater dress for $79.

And of course I couldn't forget about the shoes, I mean boots (because there were mainly boots on sale). If I didn't have such a hard time finding boots that fit my calves, I would have bought any one of these boots.

The Devon Convertible Boot for $129. The only thing I dislike about buying items online is when they show you how some items are convertible (even dresses), when you try it for yourself at home it never turns out the same.
Over the knee Riding Boots for $179.

Mini Wedge Boot for $79. I actually have a pair I got from Target a few years ago that is very similar to this style but in gray.

Are you buying anything from the sale? If you have one of those secret gift cards they were giving out, you can redeem it online!

P.S. Happy Holidays everyone! I have a busy weekend ahead, but will enjoy every minute of it because I will be spending it with my families!!


Dustjacket Attic said...

Ooo I want the body and the dresses please. I love those first boots.

Wishing you a really Happy Christmas,
xxx DJ