Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Smooth me Away

Being a girl takes alot. I usually don't mind the upkeep (haircuts, eybrows, nails), but I hate shaving my legs. Its not that I cut myself all the time, but it does happen occasionally. I was skeptical to try Smooth Away at first, but thought "what the heck its only $10?"

I think it recommends that you use the product after a shower, but I wanted to try it out ASAP. For me, it worked great. You move the pad around a few times clockwise and then counter clockwise in the same area and then, voila, the hair is gone. I don't know if it will work on coarse hair, but it worked with my fine hair. It does seem to removed any dead skin cells as well which in turn looks like you just did a nice scrub on your legs. My legs did feel a little weird afterwards, but felt great after I put on some lotion. I think it is key to keep your legs mosturized after using Smooth Away.

I did this on Saturday and by Tuesday my legs were a little prickly (a little TMI, but I had to mention it). It doesn't have the lasting power of waxing, but is less painful than waxing.

What method do you use for hair removal? Have you ever purchased "As Seen on TV" items? If so, were you impressed?


Holly said...

ohhhhh this does sound tempting. i saw this product last night in a bliss catalog and i really wanna try it!

Holly said...

sorry, that didnt work very well. they are called: acorelle assorted hair removal strips

Anonymous said...

i bought the ped egg and I'm not too impressed with it. I want to buy those aqua globes cause I suck at watering plants. I am tempted to buy the smooth away... i just shave... and I hate it but I'm a wimp and wont wax lol