Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sailing Errands

Some people live by things they "hear", only to learn later in life it was a myth. There are lots of "fashion myths" such as the "never wear white after labor day" myth. I tend not to listen to them and just wear whatever I feel like. One myth I have never really figured out for myself is the horizontal stripe, does it really make you look fat?

I realized that on my body, I can't wear wide horizontal stripes they must be thin stripes. I was running errands this day and slipped on this short dress.

Dress: Thrifted
Flats: Aeropostale

The stripes are really navy blue, its just difficult to tell from this picture. I love the nautical/sailor look for the summer with some wedges, always fun.
Here are some nautical/sailor pieces I found that would make a great outfit.

Wedges: Old Navy

Each of these pieces are can be easily used for a completely different outfit making the most of this $160 ensemble.


nat said...

I hate fashion "rules", too! Most of them are horribly antiquated.

Horizontal stripes are tricky. Usually thin ones work because the pattern has a moire effect, where you can't focus on any area too intensely. Wider stripes work well IF they are well-placed or strategically colored. :)

FJ said...

Cute dress. I love the ruffled blouse.

Anonymous said...

umm so if i order the ruffle blouse...LOL