Friday, April 24, 2009

I Want to be like Nicole.

I've always admired Nicole Richie's style, with the exception of the "Simple Life" days or those days when she was a drug addict. Whether it was all a great masterpiece of Rachel Zoe or Nicole changing her life, I can't get over her new sense of style. She makes an effortless t-shirt and jeans look so chic and trendy.

I have come to admire her sense of style while being pregnant. Long gone are the days of strecty elastic waist pants and sweatshirts. Who knew you could be pregnant and still so stylish. I hope to be as stylish as Nicole when day, especially when I am pregnant. She doesn't even look pregnant in this picture.

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Here are some other stylish mothers I adore and hope that when my time comes I won't be the frumpy pregnant lady in sweats all the time.

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Anonymous said...

i agree and hope for the same thing!

Holly said...

nicole is looking better and better these days

erinleighheart said...

i want to be like nicole too...just have her general style :)

Rosanna said...

i love the dress nicoles wearing!

Anonymous said...

i like that dress nicole is wearing but it looks like one of those heavy medieval shirts made of steel or something! but i agree, she is definitely stylish. she's come a long way since her SIMPLE LIFE days haha