Friday, February 20, 2009

Freak Out!

One week away and I am starting to freak out now. I still have a bunch of things to do and there just doesnt seem to be enough time. I am currently behind at work and was hoping to catch up on some stuff before I take a few days off, but that didn't happen. I will try to stay late at work today.

A word of advice, do all of your DIY things early. Well I couldn't have done this one early, but I just decided to scratch out my escort cards. I really wanted them, but I decided at this point they are too much work and I would also have to rent another table cloth for the table and work on the decoration for the table. I don't want it that bad anymore.

I still have to make our programs, put together favor boxes, verify times with my vendors, decorate the house for the tea ceremony, finalize all timelines, make sure everyone knows what we need them to do, so escort cards are last on my mind.

One week...then I can go back to my normal self.